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First time? Don't worry, we've got your back.

If this is your first time rock climbing, we've got you covered! At Vertical Horizons we believe that climbing is for everyone. Regardless of your age or skill level, we are here to help you begin your climbing journey! Follow the these easy steps to get started:

What to Expect


Fill out our Participant Agreement

Note: Our insurance requires that all visitors fill out a participant agreement, even those who don't plan to climb.


Purchase a Day Pass and rental gear OR try our Intro to Climbing Class


Complete our free orientation

Note: No need to schedule an orientation, we will give you all the info you need when you come in to climb.

Interested in learning how to belay? We offer a free 15-30 belay class (ages 12+)!


Time to climb!


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Day Pass

A day pass gives you full access to the facility and all climbing terrain all day. Come and go as you please!

Day Pass with Rentals - Kid
Day Pass with Rentals - Adult
Day Pass - Kid
Day Pass - Adult

Gear Rental

Rentals include a pair of climbing shoes a harness. Chalk bags are also available.

Rental Chalk Bag
Punch Pass with Gear Rental
Monthly Shoe and Harness Rental
Day Pass with Rental Gear - Kid
Day Pass with Rental Gear - Adult
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Looking for something else? We've got youth programs, birthday parties, classes, and more!


  • What should I wear to go rock climbing?
    Be sure to wear close-toed shoes and athletic wear. Rock climbing is a blast but you will be working hard!
  • What should I bring to go rock climbing?
    As long as you are wearing close-toed shoes OR rental shoes, you are good to go! We recommend bringing a water bottle and a snack.
  • What is top-roping?
    Top rope climbing happens on our tall walls. A single top rope hangs from the top of the wall. The climber ties into one side using a doubled-back figure 8 knot and the other climber belays from the other end of the rope. Interested in learning how to belay? Try our Intro to Climbing class!
  • What is auto-belaying?
    Auto-belays are devices positioned at the top of our tall walls that allow a climber to climb without a belay partner. The climber clips into the device and climbs as normal. When they are ready to come down, they simply let go of the wall! The auto-belay lowers them slowly. Interested in learning how to auto-belay? Check out our Intro to Climbing class!
  • What is bouldering?
    Bouldering occurs on our shorter walls, also called bouldering walls. Bouldering walls are generally no taller than about 15 feet. While bouldering, a climber is not attached to any rope, so all falls are ground falls! We have industry standard padding producting the floor around all bouldering walls and we instruct climbers on proper fall technique during their free orientation. Questions? Concerns? Give us a call!
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