Climbing with Straight Arms

Have you ever left the gym frustrated because you feel strong and ready to tackle harder boulder problems or more prolonged and more complex sport routes, but you get halfway through the climb and are overcome with the ache and burn of exhaustion coursing through your muscles? Any beginner or intermediate climber has, whether they want to admit it or not.

What if you are stronger than you think? What if you are an arm's reach away from sending those projects? You might wonder how that is possible when you leave your climbing sessions feeling weak. Most beginners to intermediate climbers experience fast fatigue because their technique is inefficient and not because they lack strength. The greatest energy zapper and inefficient movement are climbing with bent arms.

Whether you realize it or not, climbing with bent arms is very common but requires you to constantly engage all the muscles in your forearms, biceps, and back. No wonder by the 15th move a route, you are fatigued; it's like trying to hold a 90-degree lock off while simultaneously taxing the rest of your body at the same time.