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Why You Should Try Summer Climbing Camp for Kids

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

When it comes to keeping kids entertained during the summer, it can be tough to find programs that meet their physical, mental, and social needs all in one. While many sports camps might successfully tucker kids out, they can also leave them bored with predictable and repetitive activities. Other summer camps might offer interesting intellectual projects but don’t provide the physical outlet campers need to release their energy. If you’re searching for that perfect summer camp fit, consider having your child try a summer climbing camp! Below are three aspects of kids climbing camp that make it the ideal choice for summer.

Active & Entertained

Suppose you have kids or have been in charge of keeping them occupied all summer. In that case, you’re probably familiar with how quickly activities can fall from their “best summer ever!” award to the dreaded “I’m boooored” status. Even without the demanded entertainment value, keeping kids busy during the endless summer hours can be challenging enough! Look no further if you’re searching for a summer camp that will keep your child active and engaged. Climbing camp offers an exciting environment that keeps your child physically active each day and allows them to explore a thrilling sport!

Whether your kiddo has a little extra gas in the tank and needs a place to burn it off, or you’re just searching for any activity that’s enticing enough to pull your child away from their screens willingly, the climbing camp has you covered. No matter what aspect of climbing your child takes, climbing, belaying, and even spotting other climbers get kids up and keep them moving. Climbing offers a mixture of challenging movements and skills that won’t just keep your child entertained but help them flourish– the unique skills required in climbing also help develop important physical abilities like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, balance, and body movement.

kid climbing a wall

Brain Gain

As if keeping kids busy in summer wasn’t enough, keeping them mentally active is also challenging. Convincing kids to spend time upkeeping school skills out of the classroom can be difficult. Still, the climbing camp offers an opportunity for kids to challenge their minds and excitingly develop valuable skills! Whether trying out the many types of climbing like bouldering, top rope, and sport climbing, or learning additional climbing skills like belaying and route setting, kids have many activities to explore at climbing camp! Even if your child manages to master the basics of climbing and belaying in their first few weeks of vacation, there’s plenty more for them to continue adventuring into. This variety doesn’t just ward off boredom. It promotes skills that will take them far when they reenter the classroom. Tackling difficult routes that require you to consider multiple moves and outcomes, learning about the intricacies of belaying and the gear used, practicing knots, and visualizing how rope systems work together– all of these lessons and so many more present abundant opportunities for campers to keep their brain challenged in such interesting ways, they won’t even realize they’re being set up for classroom success!

Getting Social

Summertime can be a critical period for many kids when it comes to practicing and growing social skills as they transition from one grade to the next. It can be hard to provide supportive and meaningful spaces for connecting with peers outside the structure of the classroom, and summer camps can sometimes be more intimidating than enticing as opportunities for kids to make new friends. One of the benefits of climbing camp is the social aspect it offers kids and the natural emphasis the sport offers on teamwork, peer engagement, and trust building. Not only do campers have the opportunity to climb with others and make connections in a challenging and exhilarating environment, but they’ll be practicing valuable social skills each time they climb.

Communication, cooperation, and encouragement are all vital aspects of climbing, and each camper will work with and cultivate these skills throughout their time at the climbing camp. Whether it’s learning how to express support needs or safety information with your belaying partner, amping up your fellow climbers and practicing self-encouragement, or utilizing problem-solving skills on a difficult route with peers, climbing is a sport packed with valuable lessons that will benefit kids long after summer comes to an end. Being away from school friends for months can be difficult, but finding supportive connections while gaining valuable social and teamwork skills can transform a child’s out-of-school experience.

If summer climbing camp's physical, mental, and social benefits for kids appeal to you and your future camper, or if you want to gain more information on climbing camps and what they offer, check out climbing gym offerings in your area. If your family has a favorite camp to shout out, share what you and your camper love about your climbing camp below!

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