This Is Your Sign to Start a College Climbing Club

Whether you are a lifelong climber, raised in the ranks of competitive youth climbing, or you just discovered rock climbing as an adult, you have reached the point where you find yourself eating, sleeping, and breathing climbing and climbing content. However, you have no one to trade beta or watch the latest Reel Rock film. Don't worry. Many current or potential rock climbing nerds are all over your college campus, so this is your sign to find them.

Why Start a College Climbing Club?

The better question is, why do you climb? Is it the joy it brings to you? The challenge? Maybe it looks cool, or you feel strong? Whatever your reason, you likely want to start the club to connect with like-minded people or to share the joy and strength you have found with others (and simultaneously increase your happiness). While you reflect on your reasons, consider these three motives that have led other college students to start clubs at their universities:

Third Place